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Put self-care at the top of your to-do list! Explore our affordable handcrafted beauty + bath products.


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Handmade, cold processed soaps formulated with natural botanicals in a variety of relaxing scents.


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Made from pure goat’s milk loaded with 50 essential vitamins & skin-nourishing minerals.


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A unique blend of soothing salts, herbs, essential oils, and bubbles all housed in oversized tea bags for your tub.


Made With A Mission was founded on a desire to promote artisans nationwide. We partner with individuals from all over the country to give them an outlet and a brand to promote their passion projects. Every product is hand-selected and handmade from experts around the USA. We search for the best, the most passionate creators, and bring them to you.

Our mission is to help others - to bring you reminders of your beauty via products made through passion and love. With a heart full of love and desire for excellence - we want you to know, we care, we love you, and offer you nothing but the best.

Are you an artist? We are always looking to help! Drop us a line at

— XOXO Laura

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